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Wedding Flowers In Sydney

wedding flowers sydney

The trend of wedding flowers sydney has been steadily growing in recent years as the city has emerged as one of the most popular wedding destinations in Australia. This is primarily due to the highly regarded reputation of the city as a vibrant cultural hub, with plenty of nightlife and shopping, art galleries and museums for the wedding-time bride. The bride does not need to make a major travel booking to get her wedding flowers from Sydney because all the florists operate on a local basis and cater for wedding customers from area specific suburbs. If you are planning a wedding in Sydney then there are many options open to you in terms of the venue and the flowers that you wish to use for the event.

Wedding Flower Packages – Make Your Big Day Extra Special

For example, you can either opt for a garden wedding venue in Sydney which can make use of gorgeous outdoor flower gardens such as the Linden Botanical Gardens in the Sydney Central Business District or the National botanic Gardens of Sydney. At the same time, you can also go for the more formal settings like a reception venue or a church wedding hall. Whichever you choose, you will definitely have a vast number of wedding flowers to choose from because many florists in Sydney specialize in different floral themes, such as country flowers, exotic flowers, oriental flowers and even floral paintings. In addition to this, many wedding venues in Sydney also offer wedding planner services which can be used to plan the flowers for any type of wedding event.

In terms of the bridesmaids, there are various options available for them to wear bouquets of wedding flowers at the wedding ceremony. You can either have it custom made by one of the florists or ask your attendants to bring their own personal bouquets with them. It is advisable to ask the bride and groom if they have any particular preferences so that the bouquet can be arranged accordingly. One popular option is to have the wedding flowers presented in a cylinder, which is a cylinder having a tall base and two arms, holding a few stems in each arm. This will definitely look spectacular on your bridesmaids’ bouquets. One more suggestion is to have the bouquet in a balloon formation, which is simple to create and will look very elegant on your bridesmaids.

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