Water Heaters Charlotte – Things to Look For in a Water Heater


Water Heaters Charlotte

When it comes to water heaters, newer models are often more energy efficient than their predecessors. Getting a new one will also save you money on your utility bills. The following are some important things to look for in a water heater. Here are some tips to keep your water heater in top working order https://plumbertodayllc.com/water-heaters-charlotte-nc/


Water heaters come in three basic types: hybrid, tank, and tankless. Choosing the right one for your home depends on several factors, including the storage capacity and how much water your family will use. You can also choose between whole-house water heaters or point-of-use water heaters. The professionals at Pathmaker Plumbing can help you choose the right water heater for your needs and your budget. They specialize in residential plumbing services, including water heater installation.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient hot water heater, tankless models are an excellent choice. They can save you between two and three-four percent on your energy bills. They’re also perfect for remote locations. Point-of-use models can be installed in your pool house or shower. These units can be used to fill bath tubs or showers at anytime throughout the day.

You should consider replacing your water heater every 10-12 years. Older ones waste energy and money in utility bills. Plus, they may suffer from sudden pressure changes that cause bursts of water. This water can damage walls, floors, and ceilings. They can also have a leak or a broken heating element, leaving you without hot water.

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