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Water Extraction Machine

water extraction machine

Water Extraction Machine

A water extraction equipment for sale is a special type of vacuum that removes water from carpet and other flooring materials. Professional water damage restoration companies often use this type of equipment in the first stages of a water damage cleanup job because it can help prevent critical structural damage and speed up drying time.

This water removal machine is great for cleaning up areas affected by floods and sewage and is especially helpful when dealing with stubborn dirt and debris that other extractors can’t remove. It can also be used to clean up water damaged buildings or other locations with excess standing water.

The XTreme Power 11500SE Sludge Extractor from Daimer(r) is a powerful and versatile sludge extractor that is ideal for both commercial and residential applications, such as sewage removal, water damage restoration, and flooding cleanups. It can drain up to a full pool of sludge within no time at all.

Maximizing Efficiency and Results with Water Extraction Machines

Its unique design features a 12″ squeegee wand for easy sludge extraction, without stretching the physical limits of the operator. It also comes with a water tank that can be emptied automatically when it’s full.

Another great feature about this water extraction machine is that it can be used in conjunction with a flood wand and extractor hose to easily clean up large areas of standing water quickly. Unlike truckmount units, the Vac Pac can be handcarried anywhere in a structure and apply all of its suction power at the source to pull more water than any other restoration extraction tool on the market today!

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