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URL Checker API

The URL URL checker API scans a given URL or domain in real time to provide multiple data points regarding their risk level. This includes phishing, malware, and low-reputation domains used for fraudulent behavior. It also detects parked domains and common patterns for malicious URLs.

URI or Uniform Resource Locator is the unique code that locates a web resource on the World Wide Web (WWW). These codes are also called URLs and can be typed into any browser’s address bar or clicked by a link to open a webpage. URLs are a fundamental building block of the Web and rely on several parts to function.

Unlocking the Power of URL Checker APIs: A Comprehensive Guide

The first part is the Domain name, which represents the identity of the web server. The second part is the Path to the resource, which describes how to get to the specific file on the web server. Finally, the last part is the Port, which defines the technical gate used to access a particular resource on a web server. Some ports are mandatory while others can be added.

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