Corkipedia Uncategorized The Raffer Range Charlotte NC – Your Shooters Sanctuary

The Raffer Range Charlotte NC – Your Shooters Sanctuary

The Raffer Range Charlotte NC – Your Shooters Sanctuary

If you want a good shooting team place to shoot pool and have a range to practice your game at, the best place to go is the Riffle Range in Charlotte NC. The Riffle Range is owned by Bill Riffel who has been a pool professional for many years. He has spent most of his time in the area teaching both kids and adults how to play pool and he loves to teach people every chance he gets. When you work with a teacher like Bill you will be taught not only how to shoot pool but how to fish and any other water sports as well. Bill started out in his pool business by building his own equipment and now he is one of the most sought after retailers in the area. He has taken it a step further by hiring instructors that are specially trained to teach new and veteran swimmers alike.


You can check out the Riffle range by taking a drive around it; if you are wondering about the size of the range, you need to understand that the area is not as big as some of the other ranges that you will find in the high end hotels or even on the internet. What you will notice is that there are actually three smaller lanes that run along the outside of the large main pool and these lanes are not meant for players to pass through. Instead what you will see is an area that leads to the restrooms and the basketball courts. However, because this is considered a ladies’ range it is completely enclosed in vinyl tubing that runs all the way from the pool to the restrooms.


When you get inside the store you will be greeted by a very friendly professional who will help you setup, move your equipment and even help you find the right club for you. He will also show you how to properly position your arms so that you are shooting straight and not over the top of the ball. If you are just starting out, there is definitely not time to pick up a lot of equipment. As you get better and more experienced you may want to start adding a few new pieces of equipment. Once you start playing regularly you can then upgrade your skills and start splashing some pool across the room.

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