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The Cut Away Collar

cut away collar

The cut away collar  is a classic style that can add a touch of sprezzatura to your look. A great choice for softer Neopolitan tailoring, it’s also perfect with unconstructed blazers.

It’s important to choose a shirt collar that fits your face and shape, as this can help balance out your profile and draw the eye inwards. There are many different options to choose from, so it’s worth trying on a few and finding one that suits your shape best.

Point Collars

A point collar is a classic collar that has a slimming effect on the wearer’s face. This is due to the distance between the points being smaller and point more vertically, which helps draw the eyes downwards.

The Bold and Modern Look of Cut Away Collar Shirts: A Comprehensive Guide

A spread collar has a wider distance between the collar points than a point collar, which creates a widening effect that helps to balance out the face. These collars are ideal for those with long faces or thinner bodies as they create a more fully proportioned look.

Club Collars

In the past few years, fashion types have become more accustomed to working the club collar shirt up to the top of the neck and wearing it open without a tie – but this isn’t necessarily a good idea for most business occasions. In fact, a club collar is generally seen as more rakish than a forward point collar, which makes it a less appropriate choice for formal events in a more conservative setting.

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