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The Benefits of Link Building

Link Building

There’s a lot that goes into Link Building: a process of earning links from other sites to boost your search engine optimization (SEO). Link Building is both an art and a science, as technical knowledge and analytical skills are needed, but human creativity is key. When done right, this can lead to increased search engine visibility, website traffic, and ultimately sales and leads.

The goal is to build a list of influential websites that have content or audiences that resemble your own, then reach out to them with a pitch for your latest piece of content. This can be a time-consuming and challenging tactic, but when used effectively can be highly effective. URL

Another common method of securing links is by becoming a source for journalists and other writers. Services such as HARO send you daily emails of journalists and bloggers who need sources for their articles, which can be a great way to gain exposure and build quality links.

Link Building Tools and Resources: Must-Have Resources for Success

Lastly, you can also secure links by adding value to the community. This may be through hosting an industry event, presenting at a conference, or participating in a meet up. Identify current engagements and relationships within your industry, then reach out to them with content or guest blogging opportunities that make sense.

Finally, you can also use a tool like Nutshell to track your outreach and monitor link results. You can even add influencers to your CRM and see their email history in one place, making it easy to keep tabs on what’s working and what’s not.

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