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How an Exterminator Treats a Pest Problem

It is very important for the exterminator to know how and where the infestations are occurring. Pest control companies should work with control pests today companies and not local businesses. The exterminator must determine the areas infested with a specific bug and then pinpoint those areas individually. Some exterminators use traps while others will wait for the bugs to go through the traps, once the bugs have been trapped, they can be removed from the area. Once the areas have been treated correctly, preventing future infestations should be easy.


What Does an Exterminator Do?

Some exterminators choose to use an exterminator while others work on a case-by-case basis. Either way is fine with many exterminators. Most exterminators state they do not do it “cold turkey”, this means that they do not spray pesticides right away, this is an option for those who are not sure of the extent of their pest infestation. There are also pest control companies who use heat to exterminate pests. This method works for some insects, such as cockroaches, however, these methods should be avoided by homeowners with pets. If using pesticides, be sure to clean up afterwards.

An exterminator uses chemicals only to eliminate your pest problem. This means at times using stronger chemicals than necessary in an effort to eradicate your issue. Using IPM, or Plant Health Management, PCs will make a partnership with your customer. They will request further information from the pest controller on the type of insect you have. They will also want to know how the pest problem began and what preventative measures were taken.

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