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Contemporary Portraits of Saints

Artist Kristyn Bailey is the creator of Contemporary Portraits of Saints. She found the idea to paint saints while researching black-and-white religious portraits and decided to try it out. The result is a series of paintings that feature ordinary people standing in the place of the saints. The first saint she painted was St. Bernadette Soubirous, a Marian visionary of Lourdes. Then she stumbled across other black-and-white images of saints and was inspired to use these in her own work. Visit our website

Here Is A Method That Is Helping Contemporary Portraits Of Saints

Christianson’s paintings depict the lives of ordinary people who have made extraordinary contributions to the Church. Each portrait is a unique expression of the artist’s personal relationship with the saints. A sacrament card is available for every painting. Other types of contemporary portraits depict the saints as children. The “Ecce Homo” painting shows the Lord’s wounded body and soul, and “Ecce Homo” shows Mary as a 15-year-old.

Gockowski’s work is inspired by a recent experience of grace. She spent nine years avoiding art, but last year she picked up her paintbrush again and began painting a series of large watercolor portraits of the saints of the Catholic faith. Her passion for painting has long been strong, and she has a Bachelor’s degree in studio art. She is inspired by the faces of the people she meets in the streets, such as Skid Row.

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