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Best German Erotic Sex Films of All TimeBest German Erotic Sex Films of All Time


Best german erotic sex

There is a plethora of German erotic flicks to choose from, but which is the best and most fun? Fortunately, a little research yielded a few choice contenders, many of them starring female actors. This short list includes the good and the bad. If you’re in the market for an edifying sex escapade, check them out, and see what you think! URL :

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One of the best erotic films is the aptly named Pandora Box. It’s not hard to see why. Aside from the obvious sex-boosting factors, the film also features a stellar performance from the likes of Hugo Metsers and Louise Brooks. The pair’s chemistry is off the charts, and the movie proves it. With a plethora of erotic moments on display, it’s no wonder that the flick has garnered multiple awards and nominations. Notably, the film has been nominated for Best Picture in the German Film Awards. The aforementioned prize was awarded to the honoree in a blind judging process, so don’t go expecting to see a name on the trophy wall. Sadly, the accolades are not undeserved. Despite the aforementioned hiccups, the film has been crowned the best German erotic film of all time. For those who haven’t seen it yet, a pre-show screening will likely do the trick. After all, it’s the Germans, and they know how to have a ball. On that note, it’s no surprise that the film was named Best Foreign Film at the Cannes Film Festival.