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24 Hour Emergency Care

24 Hour Emergency Care Houston

River Oaks emergency room in Houston is located in the Brushy Creek area of Houston just a few minutes north of downtown Houston. The staff is very friendly and take care of each patient very professionally and efficiently. Most of the residents come to River Oaks emergency medical care in Houston because of the excellent reputation of the nurses and the excellent, on-site care that they provide. Find out more

River Oaks Emergency Medical Center

The River Oaks emergency medical center is also located in close proximity to Brandywine Creek, another Houston suburb. Many of the Houston patients who come to River Oaks emergency room are transferred there from other nearby hospitals. The River Oaks Village emergency medical center has many specialty departments such as orthopedics, cardiology, pediatrics, neurology, radiology and gastroenterology. Most of the patients who are treated in the ER come to the ER for routine care. However, there are some who come to the ER for such conditions as heart attacks, asthma, COPD, duodenal ulcer and diabetic emergencies.

The emergency rooms at the River Oaks Village medical care center have a total of around seventy-two beds. The average time that an individual spends in the emergency room is less than fifteen minutes. Most of the patients are transferred to the intensive care unit after the physicians finish treating their first patient. A smaller number of patients stay in the emergency room during the night. It takes about seven to ten minutes for someone in the emergency room to be fully awake and able to communicate with the attending physician.

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