Day: August 14, 2023

Understanding Wine TerminologyUnderstanding Wine Terminology

wine terminology

There is a lot of winery terms terminology that wine lovers should be aware of. Knowing some of these wine terms can help you to understand the wines you are tasting and can even help you to find new wines that you may enjoy. Wine is a complex beverage that can be enjoyed in many ways and the more you learn about it the more enjoyment you will get out of it.

Earthy- Aromas and flavors reminiscent of soil, mushrooms or other moist, natural scents. Gourmand- Describes wines that are rich in flavor and texture and have a pleasing, smooth finish. Grassy- Taste and smell of freshly cut grass. Buttery- Describes wines with the aroma or taste of milk which is caused by the process of malolactic fermentation that converts lactic acid into smoother glycerol.

Demystifying Wine: A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Terminolog

Fruity- Having a taste and aroma of fresh fruit such as apples, pears and peaches. Green- Tasting of un-ripe grapes, often not a good thing in wines. Hefty- Having a high alcohol content which can cause a heady or buzzy feeling on the head. Oaky- A wine with a strong or obvious taste and aroma of oak which is the result of barrel fermentation and aging. Peppery- The taste and smell of a wine that has a high amount of black pepper.

Spicy- A wine with a range of different spice flavors such as cinnamon, cloves and mint.

Old World- A term that relates to traditional European wine-growing regions like France, Italy and Spain. Organic- Wine made from grapes grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.